23:36:03 (automated message) Thanks for contacting Nightline. We're here to listen. A volunteer will be with you soon...

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23:37:07 You are no longer in a queue, Operator Volunteer joined the chat
23:37:18 Volunteer: Hello, you’re through to Nightline
23:40:13 Volunteer: Take your time, we're here to listen
23:43:28 Volunteer: You have been inactive for 5 minutes. Please could you let me know if you are still there? You can just send a blank message if you do not feel like typing anything
23:48:16 Volunteer: You have been inactive for 10 minutes and I will now be exiting the chat. Feel free to contact nightline instant messenger anytime between 8pm and 12am. You can also call the nightline phone line anytime between 8pm and 8am on 01179 266 266
23:48:23 Operator Volunteer left the chat